Fee Schedule

•Utility Survey Standard Fee:   (Two personnel in field)

•Radar Surveying at typical 1-2 Ac. site:  (8 hr)  $225/hr

•Layout of grid & site location survey:     (6 hr)  $150/hr

•GPR image processing & analysis:   $150/hr
(time is site and target specific)

Travel Fees

*No charges within 1 hr of the 05048 zip code

•Outside of 1 hr:     $0.50/mi

•Environmental Surveys

•GPR Transects:  $225/hr

•Layout of transects (if necessary): $100/hr

•GPR Processing & analysis  (site specific):  $150/hr

•Highway Surveying

•Radar Surveying:  $225/hr

•Grid Layout/Surveying:  $150/hr

•Special/Reduced Rates

*Each project is site specific and a quote will be provided

*Winter radar surveying is more time consuming

*Radar surveying in excess of 1 day will have reduced rates