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"The SIR-3000 is the most versatile GPR product on
the market today. The success of the SIR-3000 data
acquisition system results from GSSI’s 40 years as
the world leader in the development of ground
penetrating radar systems."

USA Soil Suitabilty Map





























Utility Detection


Underground Tanks & Pavements

Setup of gridded survey to search for utility lines on both grassed and pavement areas

Water, Sewer & Drainage Lines

What can GPR detect for utilities?

•Soil interface layers
•Tanks & associated plumbing
•Concrete ducts with electrical wiring
•Water lines (steel & pvc, if full)
•Sewer & drainage Lines
•Old foundations & rubble areas
•Pavement thickness
•Cut/Fill areas of gravel/sand
•Electrical lines in PVC (function of wire size/depth)