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"The SIR-3000 is the most versatile GPR product on
the market today. The success of the SIR-3000 data
acquisition system results from GSSI’s 40 years as
the world leader in the development of ground
penetrating radar systems."

USA Soil Suitabilty Map































GPR radar can distinguish differences in layer densities and material properties such that thicknesses of the layers can be determined over spatial areas

•Sand/gravel layers
•Base/Subbase Layers

•Bedrock mapping
•Groundwater mapping

GPR can be easily used to identify features associated with septic systems.

•Bright targets result when the difference in the dielectric properties of the adjacent materials is high
•Soil density & moisture differences are also visible, generally at interfaces
•Signal polarity infers target material type i.e. steel vs pvc pipe

Dielectric Properties of Selected Materials

•Sand (dry)  4
•Sand (wet)  30
•Silt/Clays  6-12
•Granite  5
•Water  81
•Steel  “Refl”
•Air   1
•“Poly” Pipe  1-3
•“Concrete”  6-9